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Jura MineBot

A Revolutionary Smart Connector
for the IoT World.

The Jura MineBot

Groundbreaking Age of Intelligent Mining Is Here.

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Micro-Computing & Private Cloud Storage

With extremely high storage space and ultrafast computing speed, download and store as many files as you want.
With just a click of a button, you can retrieve your data anytime from anywhere in the world. Jura MineBot gives you unrivaled access to your data at all times.

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AI Powered Security Layer

Our AI powered security layer makes sure your data is secure. With your security, you get complete control of your personal files while enjoying maximum privacy and enterprise-grade security.


Mine JREX Tokens with Storage Space & Computing Power

Share your storage space and computing power with the network in exchange for JREX tokens. You can use those tokens to purchase more services offered on the network or cash them out for real-world currency.

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High-Performing Enterprise-Grade Blockchain Solution

Unlike the public cloud, Jura MineBot keeps your information completely private. Your digital assets are preserved and only you get to access and retrieve your files.

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Censorship Free Media Marketplace

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Smart IoT Gateway powered with Edge Computing Technology

MineBot App

Control Everything From Out Native Jura MineBot App


Multifunctional, Customizable & an Intelligent Mining Port

Control everything from our native application. It’s multifunctional and highly customizable. Through our native application, you can manage your storage space and computing power-sharing efficiently. You can even host and share your digital assets while creating and executing smart contracts. You will also be able to manage and use dApps built on the Jura Blockchain.


JURA MineBot for everyone.


Designed for professional or personal use, the Jura MineBot is your own data storage center and power-sharing house. You can access it anytime you want but when you’re not using it, you can share your space or computing power and earn JREX along the way.